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  • Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leaking Solution

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    Your HVAC system is a vital part of your house, particularly during the summer months. However, if it seems like your industrial air-con system is not working as effectively because it used to, this could be an indication of a refrigerant leak. The ac refrigerant is one of the important components of an AC unit’s operation.

    Is your AC’s refrigerant leaking?

    Refrigerant leaks are a standard AC downside, and most calls on AC upkeep and repairs are related to this concern. A leak in your air-con can't only cause performance and efficiency issues, inhaling the chemical substances from the leakage can lead to well being points. If you suppose your system has a refrigerant leak, be looking out for these indicators.

    • A noticeable decrease in cooling energy

    A commercial air conditioning system accommodates refrigerant inside copper coils. The refrigerant absorbs the heat from indoors and the heat is then discharged outdoor.

    • Your unit starts releasing warm air

    With decrease levels of refrigerant in your air conditioner, you'll discover a big distinction in the coolness of the air your AC unit produces. If you find that the air being launched is warmer than ordinary, your refrigerant might be leaking.

    • Frozen coils

    A important decrease within the amount of refrigerant circulating via the coils can have an effect on their capability to soak up heat, inflicting them to freeze. In most circumstances, the frozen condensation will begin to soften and drip on the ground. Ice on the evaporator coil may not appear to be something to worry about; nonetheless, it might result in a system breakdown and will turn out to be an expensive replacement.

    • A spike in utility payments

    If you discover that your energy bill is way greater than traditional, there is a good probability you could have a refrigerant leak. With much less refrigerant, your AC system must work tougher to cool the room. By regularly adjusting your thermostat to chill the air quicker, you might be additionally pushing your electricity invoice up. So it’s secure to say that your utility bill will give you a heads up if problems are happening within your AC.

    What to do in case of refrigerant leaks?

    While the signs enumerated above may signify that there's indeed a leak in your AC system, they can be symptoms of another issues. Instead of jumping to conclusions, get in touch with us at present. ARLington Air Conditioning Heating is a longtime commercial HVAC system company in Arlington with a status for professionalism, expertise, and competency. We’ve been engaged on commercial and industrial tasks, together with new builds and renovations, for many years.


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