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  • Buy all purpose antibacterial wipes from Fandes at a wholesale price

    By xseadxsead Monday December 2021, 01:48 EST

    Buy all purpose antibacterial wipes from Fandes at a wholesale price

    With the number of COVID-19 cases still increasing, wearing a face mask that provides greater protection is still recommended. According to medical research and experts, N95 Folding Masks are considered the best solution. An N95 respirator is a face mask with a tighter fit. This respirator can filter out 95 percent of very minute particles in addition to spills, sprays, and larger droplets, including viruses and bacterias. Protective masks from Fandes are reusable and provide significantly higher protection against airborne particles. However, we do not recommend wearing them for longer than 48 hours to safeguard your safety. For varied face shapes and sizes, elastic bands and an adjustable nose clip are included. These masks are ideal for everyday use as well as outdoor activities.

    Fandes also specializes in all-purpose antibacterial wipes. The wipes are perfect for those who have children, work in medical fields, or those who simply want to be safe from bacteria. They have been proven to kill 99.9% of the germs on your hands and other surfaces within 10 seconds of contact. The product contains an antimicrobial agent, which kills bacteria and other microorganisms on contact to help keep surfaces clean. It can be used for many purposes such as wiping down tables, counters, kitchen appliances, and more.

    Fandes disposable gowns are made of tissue-like material and can be disposed of after use. These gowns were designed to help alleviate the problem of cross contamination in hospitals. They provide protection while not hampering the nursing process or causing discomfort for patients. The disposable gown is a perfect solution for medical professionals who want to limit their exposure to pathogens while providing care. These gowns also come in different sizes and colors, which allows them to be used with all types of patients regardless of size or age. These absorbent gowns come with an elastic neckline that keeps it securely on your body during procedures such as blood draws and catheterization, so you don't have to worry about exposing your skin.

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