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    By telegram-news Last Reply by Emmanuel Amuda Tuesday September 2021, 17:16 EDT

    As we said in the panel to buy real Telegram members, you can buy this service. Note that we said to buy real members, not to buy active Telegram members! Because some people misunderstand this. We decided to give it a dedicated headline on this channel and make it very clear to you and tell you the facts that many member sales sites from You hide! Buy target member is a lie! It is definitely a scam if a site claims that it can send you real and active members without ads! Note that at the top of our site we mentioned that you can buy Telegram members from Hyper Follow site, which includes Iranian users with profiles, We did not say that they are active because such a thing is not possible! It is not possible for a service to give you a thousand real and active members at a price below 1$!

    What is a real and active member?

    This means that the member you want is completely real, that is, it follows your channel and is aware of this issue and is consciously seeing and liking your posts. Do you think it is possible to send real users to your channel without ads and all of them consciously see and like your channel? Definitely not. In fact, the only way to get real members is to do targeted ads for your channel, the efficiency of which depends on your channel. but usually for every one dollar of ads you can attract between 50 and 500 real members. so how do sites claim Sell real members at the expense of every thousand at a very, very cheap price? Such a thing is definitely not possible.

    How do real and active member sales sites put a hat on your head?

    Note that we do not refer to any site here and do not slander, but in this section, I will share my experiences with those who claim to sell real and active members at a cheap price, which maybe you. Have this experience.

    What do these sites do?

    With this trick, you think that yes, the people who liked you are the sent members, so this means that you have been provided with really good services, but no! Those who liked you did not follow you at all! The actual members sent to you are disabled! Please pay attention to this point and then proceed to buy Telegram members. You may be wondering why I should choose BTM site to buy Telegram members if there are many sites in this field and even some sites have a better price than our site. First of all, you are completely free to choose which site to buy from, but most likely you are someone who has bought from several member sites and this is the second time you are testing a new member shopping site! This clearly shows that the previous sites were not to your satisfaction.

    honesty with customers!

    Yes, we really prefer honesty with customers to even higher quality of service, and this factor has caused people who buy from our site to become our regular customers, because if we say these members are not active and more than 10% loss They do not, this will really happen and you will not see a 40% drop.

    enter image description here

    High quality and amazing service

    Yes, we may not be the cheapest member sales service and Telegram services, but rest assured we are among the highest quality, you can test and find out for yourself by buying members from our site and other sites.

    Best quality of Telegram services

    Every service you buy from our site will be done for you in less than 72 hours, and if even 5 minutes is more than 72 hours, you can get your entire amount back + 10% more than that from our site. More than 6 years of credit and experience in the field of selling Telegram members + Approved by PayPal online payment portal + Approved by PayPal + SSL certificate + Web and Mobile Festival registration certificate

    How to make money from selling members?

    Many friends have asked us to talk about making money from buying Telegram members. In this section we are going to briefly tell you how to make money by selling Telegram members. There are several ways to do this: In the first method, you directly sell Telegram members to others, for which you only need to receive an order with a higher amount from someone, then after paying for the person in question, send a member, member or like or visit through the site. In the second method, for example, you buy 10,000 real Telegram members from our site for 2$ and sell the created channel for 1$, which you can do even every day! It depends on the marketing method you can use to make money from buying Telegram members.


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Emmanuel Amuda replied...

Thank you for highlighting how to buy Telegram members and subscribers for us. Please I want to buy the real Telegram members to use it on my site.