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    You may have heard the historical name of Jahrom only in movies and series. But it will probably be interesting for you to know that this historical and warm city is one of the historical and spectacular cities that even Ferdowsi has mentioned in Shahnameh. The original name of this city was known as Gahrom. In this article, be with Rahi No so that we can travel from Tehran to the historical city of Fars together. You can buy a flightts Jahrom to Tehran . Wear cool clothes, sunglasses and a straw hat with sunscreen, which is a long and warm way ahead.

    Jahrom city; The land of green palms and pure citrus, the land of history and culture

    Jahrom is a scientific, cultural, artistic, historical and religious city. This city has proven its influence in the contemporary period in various fields and is nationally famous, including cities and towns. This city is a encounter of famous men and famous thinkers during historical periods and has many spectacular works

    Cities and subdivisions of Jahrom are: Jahrom city and central part and Jalgah rural district, Kouhak rural district, Khafr district and Khafr district, Rahgan district, Sefidar district, Aliabad district, Golboranji rural district and Bab Anar, Khavaran cities; Simkan section and Posht-e-Par village, Pol-e-Bala up village, Pol-e-Pa'in village and Dozeh city; Kurdish section and Alaviyeh village, Qutbabad village and Qutbabad city.

    Khan Jahrom Theological School: Among the historical monuments of Jahrom, you can visit a historical school, belonging to the Safavid period, and enjoy looking at the traditional architecture of the Theological School of Khan, among the tall palm trees above Jahrom and the lush courtyard of the complex. Khan Theological School is one of the historical monuments left from the Safavid era in the west of Jahrom. This historical monument is made of materials such as clay, mud, brick, stone and plaster and its founder is a person named "Haj Mohammad Hassan Khan". Khan Theological School consists of 20 rooms, in the northern part of which there are two larger rooms than the others, which are related to the classrooms in winter. There is a lot of news and information about Jahrom, cities, districts, villages and historical villages, and the sights and tourism of this city, and the introduction of this important land of Persia and the country does not fit in one issue.flights tehran to jahrom . In future issues, better introduction and I will pay more attention to the sections of Jahrom and the historical and tourism monuments of this collection of celebrities and books related to this city. To go to Jahrom, you can use 3 ways: land, rail and air. It seems that the land route, due to passing through the cities of Isfahan and Shiraz and several small and large cities, will add to the memories of your trip.


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