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    By Deepak Gupta Thursday September 2021, 11:25 EDT

    The terms and conditions of use of WhatsApp have changed. And in those that we have had to sign recently we are advised that Facebook will have access to some details about our account. This has caused great concern in many users.

    Keep in mind that through WhatsApp we usually have very personal conversations . Therefore, it is quite logical that we are concerned about the fact that some company that we do not know where it can access our privacy in this way.

    Luckily, little by little the points that Facebook will not be able to access are becoming clearer. And we can be calm, since most aspects that affect our privacy are not affected by the new conditions. Here are 7 things that Mark Zuckerberg's social network will not be able to access without your permission.


    Neither WhatsApp nor Facebook will be able to access the messages sent to you by other users at any time . Therefore, your conversations will be safe from developer access. Obviously your conversations will continue to be stored on the servers of the social network as before, but the encryption applied by WhatsApp prevents anyone you do not want to have access to read them.


    You also don't need to worry that someone might overhear you while you're talking to your mother or your partner. No worker from Facebook login or WhatsApp will be able to listen to your conversations at any time, since voice calls are protected from their reach.


    It is understandable that now it gives you a little more qualms to send your location to other users. After all, it is not a dish of good taste to know that someone from some remote point of the planet can know where we are and use that information with who knows what interests. But you can stay calm in that regard. And it is that in the new terms and conditions of use it is clearly mentioned the fact that at no time will you be able to access your location.


    Although sharing contacts between different social networks is quite common, the truth is that this time you have nothing to worry about. And it is that WhatsApp will not share the contacts with whom you communicate with Facebook at any time. So you shouldn't have any problem if you have different people in them.


    We have already said that private WhatsApp conversations will be completely safe. But what about group chats?

    Well basically the same. Facebook will not have access at any time to the conversations that you may have in your groups of friends, family or work. The encryption that WhatsApp applies to all messages makes it impossible for them to know the content of the conversations themselves. Therefore, you will be able to talk to whoever you want without facing any privacy issue.


    Among the new WhatsApp options there is a new function, and it is the arrival of messages that disappear over time.

    These temporary messages mean that the content of the chats is deleted every 7 days so that they are not stored forever. At the moment it is a function that is only available in the beta, in future updates of the application we will be able to have it available to all users who want to try this new form of communication.


    As up to now, you can continue downloading the information you want from WhatsApp to have it stored in a file on your own device. In this way, you will ensure that you have all the conversations you want at your disposal without worrying that they might disappear from a foreign server. Something that is very practical if you have sensitive conversations.

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