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  • How to start a construction company

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    Setting up a construction company is a business that can offer great benefits, but it also requires meeting many legal requirements. Here we tell you how to create a construction company Abdul Rimaaz MT65 solutions ltd , all the keys to establish yourself as a contractor or subcontractor of works with all the guarantees.

    Preliminary steps to create a construction company

    The construction sector grew by 5% in 2019. This indicates that it may be a good opportunity to open a company of this type. However, the question that many entrepreneurs ask themselves is: how to create a construction company in United Kingdom? Here are some previous steps. ** Conduct a Market Study and Feasibility Plan**

    How to start a business reform ? One of the first steps to open a construction company is to prepare the market study and the feasibility plan.

    The market study is based on the study of three fundamental variables:

    • Geographical and economic environment: refers to the context that surrounds the area where you want to establish the company • Clients: client profile, interests, concerns, purchasing power, etc. • Competence: level of competence, implantation in the area, credibility, projects developed, etc.

    The market study is essential to develop a feasibility plan . This project is based on the analysis of various basic aspects for the constitution of the company and determine if you can be profitable in the future:

    • Define the structure and organization • Set some goals • Analysis of weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities • Create the brand image • Determine the resources needed • Prepare the cost analysis

    The next step in creating a construction company would be to develop a Business Plan that is based on the market study and the feasibility plan. At this point you have to go to the 4 P's rule:

    • Product : what type of buildings are you going to build? • Price : at what price are you going to sell your works? • Placement (location) : what will be the scope of the company? • Promotion : what marketing, promotion or publicity actions will be carried out?

    These will be the basic foundations to start creating your construction company MT65 SOLUTIONS LTD .

    Choose the legal form

    Another of the essential preliminary steps to start a construction company is to choose the legal form. The most common thing in a small or medium-sized company is to set up a Limited Company with several partners.

    In any case, you can choose the legal form that best suits your business model.

    The brand image of your construction company

    Branding is important in the sense that it identifies your company and contributes to the perception that others have of you. The brand image of a construction company is founded on several pillars:

    Name :

    • Only • Simple • Easy to remember • That includes words such as "construction", "works", "construction company", "reforms" or similar, in full, abbreviated or combined form • In construction companies it is also interesting to include names or surnames of the owners. • That there are no domains on the internet with the same name

    Logo :

    • Original, other than a copy of another • Visually attractive • That transmits seriousness and confidence • Combination of image and text • Do not use more than three colors or two fonts • Cash in different versions and sizes, adapted for different media (even black and white)

    All this contributes to creating the corporate identity of the company. It is essential that all corners and areas of your company are impregnated with this identity, based on the use of the logo, name, corporate colors and a unified style.

    • Local, offices • Warehouses • Signs and posters • Brochures • Business cards • Communications by mail or via email • Advertisement • Construction material • Operators clothing

    The construction process

    The construction process is made up of 5 phases:

    • Promotion : the first phase is the awarding of the project, in which promoters and contractors come into play. • Project : once the work has been awarded, the documents are drawn up defining the technical requirements of the work. • Execution : it is the phase in which the work is carried out, in which the construction company plays a prominent role. • Maintenance : once the work is finished, it will be ready for use. Due to continued use, deterioration may occur, so proper maintenance is essential. • Rehabilitation or deconstruction : if the work can no longer continue to provide the service for which it was built, it is time to proceed with its rehabilitation or, in the most serious cases, its deconstruction.

    Agents involved in a construction company Different agents intervene in the construction process of a work. You can distinguish between primary and secondary agents.

    Primary Agents

    They are those who are in direct contact with the work and its development. Among them we can distinguish:

    • Promoter : that natural or legal person who is in possession of the right to carry out a building on a specific land. It is who decides, promotes and finances the work. It is responsible for providing the relevant documentation and obtaining the necessary licenses and permits. • Designer : is in charge of drafting the technical project, by order of the promoter. You must be in possession of a title that certifies you as an architect or engineer. • Construction company : it is the company in charge of executing the project, according to the indications of the promoter and the designer. This would be where your company enters. • Work manager : is the person in charge of directing and managing the execution of the work, so that it is carried out within the technical, aesthetic, environmental or safety parameters required. • Suppliers : they are the suppliers of products and materials for the execution of the work. Here would be the manufacturers, stockiest, sellers or importers. • Quality control companies : they are accredited entities to control and verify the quality of both the project and its execution. • Control laboratories : they are a type of quality control entities that verify aspects such as the quality of materials or employees, in addition to conducting geotechnical studies and analyzes. • Insurers : they are responsible for covering the unforeseen with insurance for material damage or surety.

    Secondary agents

    They are not in direct contact with the execution of the work, but they also have influence at some point in the process.

    • Real estate agents • Sales agents • Collaborators of the technical study of projects • Computerization companies • Architecture schools • Research centers • Trade unions, professional associations, institutes • Property administrators • Consumer associations

    Types of works that a construction company can do

    Depending on the type of building, different kinds of works can be distinguished:

    Public or private buildings

    • Residential • Buildings in the administrative, health, aeronautical, agricultural, mining, religious, recreational fields, etc. • Sanitation of engineering works • Works for land, sea, river and air transport • Decorations or finishes


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