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  • MOVING to another apartment. My repeated experience of moving

    By Alan Poe Last Reply by Piter Sunday July 2022, 04:14 EDT

    For the umpteenth time, I wanted to leave a comment on someone else's post, but I got so carried away that I wrote so much text that I had to put it in my post.

    How many times have I moved

    I also had to pack containers to travel thousands of kilometers from Chukotka to Central Asia, from Asia to the Urals. Also, there were a lot of crossings both for short distances and within the same city. Every time everything was carefully packed (even for a 10 km road), because I always felt very, very sorry for furniture, dishes and all things. Each scratch made me very sad, because it was not known when the thing would be replaced with a new one. Want to hire Ottawa movers? Check more about this at the our website.

    So, I will describe my experience.

    1. To pack the "move" I needed: cardboard boxes of different sizes, bags of different sizes and huge for things (you can also find it in the building market for a penny), thick oilcloth (bought by the meter in the building market), scotch tape, ropes, old newspapers / wrapping paper / cardboard (for interlayer), marker (chalk, pencil - for marks on furniture).

    Why a marker? Because they are the ones who find it most convenient to leave marks on cardboard, scotch tape, bags, oilcloth - on all packaging surfaces. With a marker on each box, I put numbers, in a notebook I wrote in detail what was in each box. You don't need to paint, but from experience I’ll say that you will not unpack all the boxes at once, sometimes things continue to live in boxes on the mezzanine or in the garage, and even in the first days of moving to find a thing, break all the boxes, it’s a lot of time and nerves. So I advise you not to be lazy. It is also sometimes useful to indicate with a marker on the box where the top is.


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