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  • Starting Out As an inventor With Patent Law

    By Philip Roger Monday October 2021, 18:18 EDT

    If you are a young person seeking to start out as an inventor with InventHelp, this article will be very beneficial to you. We will discuss how important it is to have a patent lawyer to protect your inventions. We will also discuss the expenses involved with obtaining a patent and the costs associated with defending your patent in court. Finally we will discuss whether or not you can perform the invention demonstration.

    One of the first steps to take if you desire to become an inventor is to seek the counsel of a patent attorney. A patent attorney will help you prepare for the examination process. They will also make sure that you meet all the legal requirements to obtain the patent. They should also help you prepare for the court hearings that will likely be required if you decide to pursue your invention ideas.

    It is important that you understand the entire patent law as well as the steps and requirements that must be followed in order to secure your patent. You must have a patent specialist who is willing to work diligently on your behalf. You can obtain a patent by simply having someone draw up a legal definition for your invention. This is known as "section 101(b) support for inventors".

    When applying for your patent you must include a description of your invention in the patent application. You must describe the invention in a way where anyone who reads it can understand it. The USPTO website has a great article on "describing an invention in a patent application" that can be downloaded. This is the " watered-down" version of what you need to write. Please do not use this article as a sample patent.

    You must also include the date of the patent application, your name, address, and telephone number if you will be contacting the USPTO for any additional information regarding the patent. Also, it would be beneficial if you had a picture of your invention, although most patents do not have pictures included in their applications. Finally, it would be good if you had a list of references that you could refer to regarding your inventions. In other words, you must describe your invention in a way where even a layperson can understand what you are talking how to patent your invention idea with InventHelp.

    Now that you have all the necessary materials you need to file for your patent you should make a few phone calls. Contact your patent specialist to see when he/she thinks your application is ready to be submitted. This can be as soon as sixty days from the submission date or one year from the submission date. Do not wait any longer than this.

    Please note that not all patent specialists handle all types of patents. If your patent was a product, rather than a technology, then you will need to find a patent specialist who handles technology patents. Otherwise, if your invention is a technology you will have to hire a patent attorney to handle the patent filing. You may also want to discuss this with the patent specialist so that you have an understanding of what is involved, especially since the patent process can become lengthy and expensive.

    If you are starting out as an inventor with technology, rather than a product, you will need to consider whether you need to hire a patent attorney to handle the patent filings. If you do, you will need to discuss the costs and benefits of hiring someone versus doing it yourself. Remember, a patent lawyer can cost thousands of dollars, while a patent attorney usually only charges you a few hundred dollars for his services. If you do not need to use a patent attorney then you will need to complete the entire patent filing process yourself.

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