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  • The various uses of a mixer grinder

    By Philip Roger Thursday April 2021, 10:18 EDT

    The mixer grinder has undoubtedly helped homemakers to reduce their workload. Earlier, it was the grinding stone that these homemakers depended on for grinding the ingredients. This process was time-consuming, and a lot of manual work had to go into for achieving the final result. But now you have mixer grinders to perform mixing, grinding, pureeing and blending, and what's more, you can perform these functions within a few minutes without wasting any energy.

    A mixer grinder is possibly one of the most important appliances in a kitchen. It helps to reduce the manual work to a great extent and saves a lot of time so that you can enjoy a good time with your family. A mixer grinder can be used for various purposes like mixing, grinding, pureeing, and mincing. You can also make fine pastes and liquid items with a mixer grinder. Usually, a mixer grinder comes with three separate jars for blending, wet grinding and dry grinding, with some models even providing a separate jar for making juice. A mixer grinder can be used for various purposes.


    1. To make idli dosa batter

    With a mixer grinder, you can make one of the most delicious and lip-smacking dosas or idlis. A high powered mixer grinder that comes with high watts can make a fine dosa or idli batter from a well-soaked urad dal and rice. You will get fluffy idlis and crispy dosas with one of the best mixer grinder in India.

    2. To make spicy curry

    To cook spicy curries, you need to have spicy masala powder. Most homemakers make masala powder in their home to get that perfect blend for their favourite dish. A fresh homemade masala is always better than a ready-made masala that you get to buy from a nearby shop. The natural spices are first roasted to make them brittle and grounded in the mixer grinder to make the perfect masala powder and then added to the lip-smacking curry to make it spicy.

    3. To make purees

    One of the best ways to make purees is to blend them in the mixer grinder. You can make tomato puree, potato puree, carrot puree, onion puree, ginger garlic paste and whatnot, a hell of a lot of purees and pastes in a mixer grinder.

    4. To make chutneys

    Chutney is a must for that perfect dosas and idlis that you made with the help of the mixer grinder. Dosa or idli is complete only with a chutney. It can be coconut chutney, onion chutney, pudina chutney or even a tomato chutney. The mixer grinder comes with a chutney jar specifically to make these chutneys. Chutney jars commonly come in a smaller size with sharp blades for perfect mix and texture.

    Thus, a mixer grinder is one of India's most important kitchen appliances that you cannot miss out. While you buy a mixer grinder check the features, quality, capacity and functions of the model, you plan to purchase. Mixer grinders that come with three or more jars are the best to fulfil all your kitchen requirements. Also, make sure that it can be used for dry grinding, wet grinding, chutney making, whipping, blending and pureeing.

    The various features and functions that you need to look upon while buying a mixer grinder are the overload protection that acts as a circuit breaker in case of overload, power of the motor, compact design, lid lock system, jar lock system, warranty, non-breakable jars with handles, flow breakers for enhanced grinding performance and the price of the product. A high-quality mixer grinder with a good number of features and functions is the best to fulfil your kitchen requirements.

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