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  • You’d rather ask about backpage personals and online dating.

    By sandybone Friday February 2020, 09:44 EST

    I dont have a specific answer to that. We just love being with each other. He gets me. Also let me clarify that although everything has been great for the most part, we have had disagreements already but those have actually brought us closer. Maybe we are in a rush because we already know what we want in life. We are not kids.

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    And honestly at 32 I do feel my click ticking. I have asked him if he thinks we are moving too fast and he said he hasnt felt like this in a long time and that the last time he was innlove he wasnt ready for marriage. Kitchener backpage

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    He just sold one of his companies and feels like all hes missing now is a partner in life. Hes a smart guy, 2 phds, handsome and extremelly stable financially. He says the last time he was in love he wasnt ready for marriage etc. And that he genuiely feels that hes ready now. He doesnt pressure me to do anything or rush me. He just lets me know hes committed to this relationship. We both have parents with serious illnesses right now and our perspectives may be different than yours. But sure, I still wonder if we are moving too fast cause I havent done this before. But then again, Ive taken it slow before and things didnt work out.

    Let it be, see where the relationship takes you. There is nothing Moxie can say to you that will be helpful, since she has never been in a serious long term relationship. The only type of question you should ask her is “should I spit or swallow” and even that is a question you ask her about a dude you picked up at your local saloon. Not a real date.

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    Sound to me like you met a great guy who really is falling for you. Maybe there is something wrong with him, or maybe not. Just don’t ask an always-single chick who is invested in the failures of other women. She is over the hill, her day is done, and yours isn’t . If you are going to listen to a 40+ woman, make it a 40+ woman with a romantic life you want. You don’t want Moxies. No one does. Ask ones who actually form relationships with men.

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    If you have such a low opinion opinion of Moxie (or at least of Moxie’s opinions) then why do you bother reading her blog? And why would you bother to comment? There’s no point, and you’re just clogging up the page with negativity.

    “Maybe we are in a rush because we already know what we want in life. We are not kids. And honestly at 32 I do feel my click ticking.” We? There is no “we.” I understand why you think YOU are in a rush to commit. My question is why do you think HE is? Your response confirms my point – his impulsive behavior benefits you. So, of course you don’t know the answer as to why he is that way. You are not even willing to question it. You’d rather ask about spare keys and closet space.

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