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  • 5 Types of Intercom Systems for Home or Office

    By pipite2574@wncnw.com Tuesday September 2021, 03:41 EDT

    The first thing you will need to decide on is what type of intercom system you want to purchase. There are several options to choose from. You can choose from a wired system, wireless system or a combination of both systems. There are many benefits and drawbacks with each type of system. Here are some of the major categories of these systems:

    Wired Systems: Wired systems are very simple and easy to install. They are very reliable since there are no wires that need to be concealed in any part of the room where the device is to be installed. This system has to be professionally installed though. You may want to hire an electrician to complete the job if it requires any drilling, wiring, or cutting.

    Wireless Systems: Wireless intercom systems use radio waves to communicate with each other. You can either connect them directly to the building's main telephone lines or use a computer network (IP) to communicate with the system through the Internet. It is very convenient and flexible to use. The downside to this system is the distance that the signal can cover. If the building's signal is weak or nonexistent, you may have problems receiving messages.

    Satellite Systems: This system can be installed inside or outside the home or office. It uses a satellite dish that broadcasts signals to the receiver. It is simple and relatively inexpensive. It works best in buildings that are close to the surface they are located on because it may not receive clear signals.

    Mastop: This system works by using metal masts. There is a base and a cover that extends from the base, usually on a wall, and includes a voice transmitter and receiver. The base may be moved into different locations. These systems work well when the signal is strong and when the area is not too large. This type is simple and does not require much installation. They are fairly safe, but they cannot accept cell phones.

    Integrated Wireless: The wireless system has a built in transmitter and receiver. It uses a base station that can be moved around. They work great in larger areas and they do not require much wiring. You may want to use these if you are looking for a simpler way to set up your wireless system.

    Multilayer Outdoor System: This is used for commercial buildings. They are sometimes used with video walls or with cameras. It has a control panel, which controls and receives the signals from the different components used in the system.

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    You may also choose an intercom system based upon what it will be used for. If you have children that you would like to get in and out of the house at different times, you may opt for a wireless system. If there are animals inside the home you would like to keep out, you may want to consider a mastop. No matter what type you choose, the choice is yours.

    Installation: Some systems are easy to install. Others will require a professional to come in and do it. The types that are simple to install usually only consist of the board, mounting strap and a collar. The ones that are more complicated usually include an alarm bell, motion detector and a microphone. When it comes down to it, installation should not be too difficult for the average person.

    Cost: Some systems are more expensive than others. For most people this will depend on how extensive the system is and whether or not it is being used for commercial purposes. Those who have small offices may find the cost of the system isn't as important as having one, and it may not be necessary for them.

    Others may prefer one system over another. These may include features such as intercom keypads, touch screens, voice recording and so forth. These features can be used to customize a system for the individual who will be using it. Individuals will want to decide how much of these features they want to have before they begin shopping for this type of system.

    When shopping for one of the 5 Types of Intercom Systems for Home or Office one should take the time to consider all of the features that are available for their unique needs. This will help them to make an educated decision when they begin shopping. Individuals will want to pay close attention to any warranty information that is offered with the intercom system. This will give them peace of mind that their purchase will be working for years to come.

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