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    If you need commercial transport or storage then you will be looking for Dedicated Ground Services. A Dedicated Ground Services provider offers an extensive range of truck services. These services include loading and unloading trucks, including long and short haul trucks, flatbed and pallet trucks, tapered and non-tapered trucks, enclosed trailers, open trailer and mobile homes. When choosing a Dedicated Ground Services provider it is vital that you find a provider that has a comprehensive customer service record and that has a good and safe transport system. Many companies offer a variety of different types of services.

    When a client needs to move their goods for business or personal reasons there are several different options for them to choose from. Dedicated ground services utilise a large network of skilled, experienced truck drivers with the expertise that your particular cargo or freight needs. The characteristic that differentiates dedicated ground services from other shipping companies is the ability to only deliver one vehicle per client. In this way they are able to ensure that the transport of your goods is undertaken safely and efficiently.

    For your business, shipping goods by road is an efficient and effective method of transporting your goods. By using dedicated ground services your company can save money and precious time by ensuring that you only hire reputable drivers who have the appropriate expertise to deliver your shipments in the safest and most efficient manner possible. Many services offer regular road freight deliveries to domestic as well as international clients. Many of these services will also charter straight trucks to carry larger shipments, which can be required for bulkier cargo, such as machinery, vehicles, chemicals, coal and iron ore.

    Many businesses choose to outsource some or all of their freight transportation requirements to dedicated logistics providers. Using a dedicated logistics provider will allow you to focus on the business aspects of running your company while your logistics provider takes care of the day-to-day tasks associated with sending your freight. With a dedicated logistics provider you will enjoy the benefits of a worldwide freight forwarders network, a global customer base, flexible dispatch options, and the security of relying on one company for all your logistics needs. Another benefit of using dedicated logistics providers is that they can provide a rapid service response to your unique logistics needs, along with the guarantee that all shipments are delivered by the specified carriers. Your dedicated logistics provider will work with you to determine your individual needs, develop a custom logistical solution, and then oversee the entire process of shipment tracking, management, and delivery.

    One of the unique advantages of contracting with dedicated ground services is the flexibility it provides to your business. This service tool enables you to manage and control all facets of your company's transportation needs, thereby eliminating the need for multiple personnel that would otherwise manage and maintain your shipping needs. Some of the benefits of this service include: reduced inventory costs, greater financial control, and faster time-to-market for your company. In addition to all these benefits, a dedicated ground services provider can also help your business save significant amounts of money by: increasing your cash flow, increasing your flexibility in shipping and contract renewal negotiations, and increasing your level of productivity and efficiency. Finally, your business will remain highly competitive due to the fact that dedicated ground services enable you to reduce your overhead and management costs.

    The need for specialized freight services is increasing due to the increase in international trade and the decrease in traditional cargo and freight rates. For companies that ship goods in bulk or in large quantities, hiring a logistics outsourcing company is an excellent solution because it eliminates the cost and risks associated with hiring separate contractors, subcontractors, and third-party freight brokers. With a freight forwarding company, you have the ability to obtain prompt freight quotes from multiple carriers at once and have them perform an accurate and comprehensive quote submission to your company. This expedited freight quote application saves your company time and money by instantly providing you with freight rates and other important information about the shipments that are being shipped. Furthermore, a dedicated ground shipping supplier will provide you with the specialized services that are necessary to effectively transport your goods over long distances and through difficult terrain.

    Dedicated ground handling services are provided by professional aircraft charter providers who offer air freight services worldwide. When you hire a professional freight company to transport your freight, they will work with your company to ensure that the best service is provided at a very reasonable price. Dedicated ground handling companies have the knowledge and skills to safely transport your goods over various types of terrain including overland, maritime, and overland and air transportation routes. Furthermore, experienced dedicated ground handling services providers are trained to meet the needs of both small and large businesses, including those that specialize in small and large shipments as well as those specializing in hazardous and complex shipments.

    A dedicated logistics outsourcing company will create a custom shipping solution specifically tailored to your business needs. Some common types of shipments that you might need the assistance of a dedicated logistics provider for include vehicle deliveries, personal property, automotive, industrial, office/ premises and warehousing, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and food export/ import needs, custom automotive parts and components, and hazardous and complex cargo. Other areas which may require the services of a dedicated logistics provider include international shipments, cross docking, warehousing and transportation, warehousing deliveries, and air freight services. In addition, the services of a logistics outsourcing firm may be required if you want to take advantage of the benefits of shared freight costs. Shared freight costs involve sharing freight between multiple cargo carriers in a cross docking arrangement, allowing a single company to take advantage of economies of scale. Thus, a dedicated logistics outsourcing company can help you save a significant amount of money on cross docking and other shipping costs.


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