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  • Girl next door image with revenge drama Saani Kaayidam

    By utux utux Thursday May 2022, 16:55 EDT

    'I am certain that with all the action sequences in Saani Kaayidham and in Ponni’s role, audiences will see me in a new light,' says Keerthy Suresh

    A National Award-winning actor, Keerthy Suresh has proved her mettle on screen time and time again. This time she is back as Ponni in director Arun Matheswaran’s Saani Kaayidam releasing on Amazon Prime on 6 May. She shares screen space with noted director-turned-actor Selvaraghavan and in this chat with Firstpost, Suresh reveals that the role of Ponni was challenging and talks about her experience of working in this film, her first revenge drama.

    What was exciting about the role of Ponni for you?

    It’s different in every way because I've not done a genre like this. This is the first time I've done a revenge drama. Moreover, the character is very raw, which again I've not performed in my previous works. So yeah, like in every way it is very, very different. I was very kicked by this script when Arun came in and narrated it to me for the first time. I was initially bewildered as to why Arun chose me in the first place, but his vision made me believe that I can pull it off. Hence, the role is indeed very exciting.

    Will the role of Ponni be a turning point in your acting career?

    I think Ponni’s character is unique to all the roles that I have played. I was initially impressed by the unexpected scenario, and unpredictability that the script and character brought to the table. Ponni is brave despite the adversaries she has to face, as the story progresses.

    Tell us about working with director-turned-actor Selvaraghavan?

    On the very first day with Selva Sir, I was blown away by his acting because he has a charming and confident aura even if he is just in the frame. When he starts acting he is very effortless. He remained very true to his character and I loved working with him. I got to learn a lot and this is a team with whom I would love to work again. Moreover, I am amazed by his patience. His expressions, minute detailing was something that I have never seen before. He has very unique gestures and mannerisms, I really don't know if a normal person can see and experience his minute detailing, it's just amazing as he does it very effortlessly. From seeing the films that he has directed and now to sharing the screen with him, while having him right beside me was so exciting.

    What kind of inputs did you receive from director Arun for this role?

    In terms of Ponni’s look in the film, she’s lean and mean. The script also demanded that I look raw and rugged. So, when we established the background, the place she lives, and her surroundings, it gave me an idea of my appearance and attire. In terms of character, I think Ponni’s bold, and she becomes very fearless and rugged as the story progresses. I remember, we shot a look test, scenes for the posters and that helped me understand the space.

    What was challenging for you as Ponni?

    I think that everything that I did was new, everything was challenging. But, when it comes to all the rage showcased in the movie, Ponni is not a criminal, instead she is someone who just goes on a rampage because of something that happened to her. So I had to keep that in mind. From the beginning till the end, I wouldn't say it was difficult, but it was a challenge. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every bit of it. Furthermore, it was a great set to be in, Arun’s vision was massive, and beyond my thinking. I was so pumped every day to play such a character. The best part was all I needed was 20 minutes to half an hour to get ready. So, I simply came in the morning, got ready, and then just concentrated on how I had to perform that day.

    This is a revenge thriller; what genres excite you?

    As an actor, I don't chase any particular genre and I like to do all kinds of roles that challenge me whilst also ensuring that it helps me enhance my skills. Any film should be a learning experience, hence I am open to new arenas where I can explore concepts that I have never attempted. I think now that I have done Ponni, I have grown more confident that whatever roles come in a similar zone or genre, I would be able to pull it off. I am happy to have worked on a revenge-drama genre since I never fathomed to work on such intense and bold scripts.

    What are you looking forward to next?

    I am looking forward to my fans and the audience's reaction to Saani Kaayidham. I know there are a lot of action scenes and a tinge of brutality here and there but I am sure the character will resonate with the audiences on a personal level and touch them emotionally. I am further looking forward to more such opportunities that come my way, and I will take it up if I am definitive about the narrative, with no second thoughts.

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