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  • How to Improve Our Health and Beauty

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    As most persons already know, if you want to improve your health you need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables; however, what some persons fail to recognize is that these same fruits and vegetables can be used as beauty products as well. A majority of the fruits and vegetables that you eat are packed with antioxidants, which are very important for skin care as they help to ward off the free radicals that affect you on a daily basis. If you do not get rid of free radicals, it will cause permanent damage to your skin, leaving it wrinkled, flaky, dry and discolored. Although all fruits and vegetables are beneficial for your health, those that are orange and read in color, such as cantaloupe and tomatoes, are among some of the best food sources. Click here for more info EuroMD

    One of the best ways to find more about health and beauty is to access information on the Internet via a health portal. A health portal will be able to provide you will all the information you need in regards to the right foods to eat, how to lose weight, how to gain weight, the wrong foods to eat, exercise, diseases, skin care tips, among other healthy topics. There are various health portals on the Internet, so it is for you to find the one that offers quality information that you are looking for.

    When looking for information in regards to improving your health and beauty, a health portal will also offer you information on fruits and vegetables that are not so popular. For instance, you are bound to find a lot of information on the benefits of artichokes, broccoli and spinach, vegetables that many children as well as adults do not like. However, these green leafy vegetables are packed with various minerals and nutrients that offer many health benefits, including enhancing the beauty of your skin. Beta carotene or Vitamin A is very effective in protecting and rejuvenating your complexion; furthermore, it also stimulates skin cell regeneration so that your skin will be able to maintain its suppleness. Vitamin A is also helpful in acting as a block for the UV rays from the sun, when you are outdoors for long periods of time. Butternut Squash and Carrots are also excellent sources of Vitamin A. It is also important to note that several of these vegetables include iron, which is an all-important mineral, as persons tend to lose iron as they age.

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    In your online health research, you may be surprised to find out that not only are fruits packed with Vitamin C, but vegetables also contain Vitamin C. You can never get sick from having too much Vitamin C in your body; this is due to the fact that your body does not create this vitamin naturally. A Vitamin C deficiency can lead to various types of diseases and other health conditions. This vitamin is also very beneficial to the skin, as it helps the body to maintain collagen supplies. Collagen is a very important to your skin, as it provides your skin with the support it needs to remain smooth and supple. Great sources of Vitamin C are citrus fruits such as grapefruits, limes, lemons, tangerines and oranges.

    If you are looking to eat healthier, then you should change from a diet rich in red meat to a diet that is rich in fish; per contra, there are specific types of fish that are known to enhance your beauty. These would include shellfish, tuna and salmon, all of which contain high levels of Omega-3. For years, Omega-3 has been said to be one of the best nutrients needed to retain healthy skin, but it has only been since recent years that persons are now recognizing the true health benefits of this nutrient. Additionally, Omega-3 acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, and is very effective in controlling zits, acne and other breakouts of the skin.


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