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  • ISO international Standardization of translation

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    Standardization of translation

    Jun 29, 2021

    In the 21st Century, technology, goods, and services are being exchanged more actively. Interaction between companies from different continents and countries is increasing. Therefore, language technologies that adapt information to different countries are becoming increasingly important. Although translation and its activities may appear to be an easy task, it is crucial for international cooperation between companies. These processes are being regulated by a variety of international documents. We will provide you with the most recent and relevant.

    International level workplace air security

    May 20, 2021

    The environment and workplace have a major impact on staff's perception of work. Safety is a key factor in office work. Light, temperature, and other basic physical factors must be considered. Air is the most fundamental. Standardization institutes are responsible for regulating air quality in factories and office workplaces. Standardization can be done locally or globally. For any activity that involves the production of hazardous substances or gases, it is imperative to adhere to international safety standards. ISO international standards are the best and most relevant method of following rules for gas equipment. They regulate the levels of harmful substances in the atmosphere as well as the quality of air at work.

    Healthcare technology in the 21st century

    Jan 22, 2021

    The pace of technological development is increasing in all areas of human life. The overwhelming majority of companies and organizations invest in research and their own laboratories. Although the general characteristics of the innovation market are diverse, they also need to be tightly regulated. The demand for international regulatory documents has grown as the medical sector has expanded the borders of emergency and the development of innovation within this particular field. We will be presenting you with the most recent updates in international standardization for the medical industry.

    Remote mechanical steering systems

    EN ISO 8848.2021

    Even though innovative technologies are becoming increasingly automated, and human intervention in industrial processes is reduced, remote control can still be used. To regulate these processes, technology recommendations are made in the form international standards. One of them is EN ISO 8848:2021. This document outlines the design, construction, installation, and testing requirements for remote mechanical cable-steering systems. It also includes an interface point for rudders, outboard, and jet drives to small craft sterndrive engines. This document is applicable to three types of steering systems that can be used on different types of craft. Standard duty steering systems for small craft that have single or twin outboard engines of over 15 kW each, with rudders and sterndrives and water-jet drive; light duty steering system for small craft that have one outboard engine between 15 kW and 40 kW; mini-jet steering systems for personal watercraft.

    NOTE: Standard and light duty steering systems can be interchanged mechanically. A craft that is designed for a standard duty steering system may be used with a standard duty one. A light duty steering system can't be used on a craft that has a standard duty system. Mini-jet steering systems can only be used with mini-jet crafts as they are defined in this document. They are mechanically different from the other systems. This document does NOT address emergency methods for steering the craft. This standard is very narrow in profile and only suitable for certain categories. We recommend that you learn more about its specific parameters and areas of application in order to use it correctly and implement it in the future.


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