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  • The Different Levels of Illegal Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)

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    Even though there isn't one way of determining what is safe to drink, the measurement system used to measure your body's alcohol levels is known as blood alcohol concentration (BAC). It is well-known that a human being's liver can withstand one alcohol drink within one hour.

    According to experts, a typical drink will have 0.6 ounces of alcohol. But an individual's blood alcohol concentration will be affected by factors such as gender, drinking patterns, weight, and genes. If your BAC is high and you are looking to get your Seattle DUI charges dismissed, you need to get in touch with a DUI attorney as soon as possible.

    In the meantime, here is what you need to know about the different levels of blood alcohol concentration.

    Understand the Different Blood Alcohol Concentration Levels

    You will experience various symptoms depending on the blood alcohol concentration level. The different levels include:

    • list text here0.02%: When you're intoxicated at this level, you don't have to worry about much. Your brain and body will be relaxed. You may experience a change in moods, but overall, you will feel warm. There are instances where you may make terrible choices.

    • list text here0.05%: A blood alcohol concentration level at 0.05% will make you behave extraordinarily. You might shout and use gestures while speaking. Also, you might start to feel like you are losing control of your body. Focusing will be challenging. Your eyes will be blurry. Apart from feeling you're out of control, you will not make wise choices. Pursuing items using your vision will become challenging, and the chance to deal with emergencies will not be simple.

    • list text here0.08%: This is the appropriate limit in America according to the law. However, in Utah, it will be termed illegal. If your BAC is at 0.08%, your speech, hearing, balance, coordination, and how you react will worsen. Also, concentrating on items, standing still, and dealing with obstacles will be challenging. Memorizing, focusing, reasoning, and self-control will reduce. You need to know that memory loss might begin though it will be short-term.

    • list text here0.10%: With this blood alcohol concentration, control and reacting will be difficult. You will experience slurred speech; reasoning will be slower. Coordination will be a challenging task.

    • list text here0.15%: O.15% is high. Not only will you find speech and walking difficult, but you will not have control of your muscles and balance. If you're moving, you might trip and injure yourself. You may experience vomiting.

    • list text here0.20-0.29%: At this level, the common symptoms will be slurred speech, confusion, feeling dazed, and more. Walking and standing still might need you to seek assistance. Muscle control will have reduced, and you will feel weak. The feeling of pain will vary. If you injure yourself, you might not feel it. Vomiting and nausea will be experienced. With this BAC, a blackout will happen.

    • list text here0.30-0.39%: This BAC level is too high, and you might be unconscious for long periods. Also, death may happen. With low memory and understanding, you will feel your heartbeat beating faster and have trouble breathing.

    • list text here0.40% and above: This blood alcohol concentration might force the individual into a coma. This level is severe as the individual may die eventually.


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