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  • Virtual Event DJ Will Gill at CMU Tartan Homecoming

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    From Live To Virtual Event

    Carnegie Mellon University made the decision to host their 2020 Homecoming via the popular online streaming platform Zoom. Since the pandemic has begun, live streaming has become the forced norm for any corporate event looking for some sort of human connectivity. virtual event DJ hosting corporate team building

    virtual event DJ hosting corporate team building

    Enter The Virtual DJ

    Virtual DJs have begun to cement their place in the new normal. Los Angeles DJs have expanded their stake-hold and garnered repeat clients by performing virtual events, creating a new market, and opening new streams. The idea and concept is still very new. Many end-users have their choice of virtual platforms. Whether it be Zoom, Virtual DJ, Streamyard, Microsoft Teams, or Blue Jeans, the way to host a virtual platform is virtually (pun indeed intended) endless.

    The Best Virtual Event DJ Online

    The best virtual event DJ online to date is DJ Will Gill. He has been working virtual events, from happy hours to baby showers, since April of 2020. He has created a unique brand that is unrivaled on the popular virtual streaming platform Zoom. While the Instagram market may have been cornered by the likes of DJ D-Nice, the best Zoom Party is found at the hands and voice of DJ Will Gill.

    Virtual Event DJ Types

    As we humans in the world look to connect and interact virtually, the types of events are still the same. You just have to add the surname “virtual”. For example, a Virtual Happy Hour is a 60 minute turn up, as the kids say, online with beverages, sans the uber or illegal buzzed driving.

    A virtual wedding event DJ is technically a small wedding DJ. The location in which they broadcast will be quite limited, either by choice, by boss, or by law, to the amount of people they can host. Nonetheless, their energy should remain the same. Their goal should remain the same. Ultimately, their reasoning behind taking the job should remain the same. All of that is explained in the next section.

    The Virtual Event DJ Goal

    A virtual event DJ should have one personal goal and one business goal. While we as epidemically humans evolve during these trying times, the following two goals may expand and even elaborate as more virtual zoom webinars become the unfortunate normal. The first goal, the personal goal should be to keep the virtual DJ entertainment the same. That means act as if every single user on the virtual party is there live in a venue with you. The second goal, is to create a unique experience and corner the virtual party DJ market as it develops itself.

    Virtual Event DJs at CMU Homecoming

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    Lets tie all of this together. The most popular virtual event DJ in the world is DJ Will Gill. DJ Will Gill is an American DJ who has pivoted to the virtual event space. He worked with the team at Carnegie Mellon University of October 17th, 2020 to bring Tartans a fun, competition, and engaging online virtual party. Because of DJ Will Gill and his unique brand of virtual event entertainment, CMU’s choice of live streaming their homecoming has been deemed a wise choice. This includes alumni, current event staff, virtual party planners, and family members of Carnegie Mellon University.


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