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I originally wanted to do something with The Reaper's Game, an RPG I spent all last week with, but I wasn't able to since it's primarily text based. So I went trawling through several different songs that I really liked, trying to figure a way to change them into a reversed narrative. But I discovered quite quickly that there's very little plotwise that these songs could manage. Most of them were just three verses and the chorus, and usually just had one main overarching theme. The lack of story arc made it difficult to move lines around in a single song to change meaning, so after an hour of fruitless lyric trawling, I went looking elsewhere for ideas. 

I decided that I would change the mood by changing the key, perhaps. There are some songs with lyrics that could be creepy if the song was presented in such a manner. Thus, Imagine in G Major was born. I duplicated the track in Audacity several times and played around with the pitches until it sounded similar to other G Major songs.

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