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Going into making this project, my goal was to create something out of the existing wide-spread audio pieces/songs, and hopefully achieve a multiplication of the popularities of these resources. I was going for combining music of very different styles, because usually the contrasts between these audio pieces clashing together would create a stronger impact on the audience. 

Because of the current internet obsession with Piko Taro's Pen Pineapple Apple Pen song, by the time I started gathering resources to use for this project, PPAP was the first song that came to mind. Then I searched for music that's also popular but of a completely different genre, and the Game of Thrones theme song seemed like a fit because it's purely orchestral and has a grand, epic feeling to it, as opposed to PPAP, which is popular largely because of the nonsensical but funny contents of its lyrics. 

By mashing up the two pieces of music, I hope to make the audience feel like they're in the Game of Thrones era, just with Piko Taro dancing in it, which is silly, what seems to be an important factor for something to become viral. 

I intend to spread my project via youtube, because considering the high numbers of hits that Game of Thrones theme song and PPAP have on Youtube, it's likely that internet browsers would likely wander to where my video is. Also, in general, I think people tend to look for remix or different versions of these two songs on youtube because they're popular, and most remixes of popular songs are posted on youtube. 

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