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Our thought process starts with where our last project ended. We listed the elements that we lacked in our first iteration that we should take into consideration in our second. One such consideration we had was for project stability. Our previous project ran into trouble staying up for extended periods of time. To fix this, we used wire instead of string. Another consideration was to include projection mapping, a feature we did not have enough time to implement in our previous iteration. We also wanted our project to fit its intention better. So, in order to highlight differences, we decided to make each tshirt a different color.  With those details set out, we started to remake our project. The first step was to get the actual physical installation set up. Soon, we noticed that the lights in the room would be too bright. So, to fix this problem, we used garbage bags to block out all the sunlight in the room. Finally, the projector was set up using Millumen to take mic input and use that to control the projector's simulated spotlight.

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