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Our Prototype(s) (Above &below): 

The Tile(s):

We created a functioning tile with an acrylic cover that memorialized the iconic Crawford Grill that was demolished. When someone, say a passerby, would step on the tile it would trigger a projector which would then show a 60-second video projected onto the surface of one of the empty walls across the parking lot. In this projection,  which could be changed based on what the community wanted to memorialized, the ambient sound/surrounding and livelihood would be recreated for the location, for our project it was specifically the Crawford Grill. While we were creating the projection we decided to add silhouettes from the 1930s -1950s and animated them to add some motion/liveliness to the projection. We wanted to create the most immersive projection so so we also added well-known jazz artist's John Coltrane‚Äôs Blue Train melody, since he was one of the well-known jazz artists that frequented the Crawford Grill. We wanted to create the most viable prototype to showcase the potential of such an installation in communities like the Hill District and how it could involve multiple individuals from the community on multiple levels.

Other Prototypes: 

Flow & Focus Schematics, Modelo model, 3-D Architectural model,  Concept Video & Projection Video, Heart and tile sketch (2)

Ideal Scenario: 

Ideally, these tiles would be distributed throughout the Hill District in locations where iconic buildings and houses had been located, and they would enable individuals to see what had existed before and why it was relevant to the community. This would not only help individuals like local Pittsburghers and visitors understand the significance of the location and effect of the displacement of the community, but it would hopefully give them insight into the culture and livelihood the individuals in the Hill District and let them experience it second-handly. 

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