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Results and Discussion

Overall, I'm very happy with my headphone holder. My design came out almost exactly as planned, and my headphones have been happily living there ever since. I've always been used to SolidWorks so learning Fusion 360 was a quick, albeit slightly irritating process of re-learning commands and operations in another envoinrment. 

Practically, it's extremely functional, and aesthetically it's... ok. It's a very functional black box. In the future, I'd like to aim for a more fluidly shaped holder that has some artistic connection or significance with the object being stored. However, the bottom of the apparatus was intentionally made clear so a future LED strip could be inserted inside for a unique illuminating effect, and I plan on pursuing that in my free time. 

I had a wonderful time in the digitool class, thanks to professor Larson and Hajin for all of the help!

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