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I wanted to choose personal data to work on, especially since I know that it can be very easy to lie to yourself about the frequency with which you partake in some action, especially when that action is maybe something you shouldn't be doing so often. I considered topics like diet (I don't eat very regularly, and the food that I do eat tends not to be very balanced) and personal hygiene (I can go three days without showering, more if it's a really, really busy week), but the former idea didn't seem easily quantifiable and the latter might cause too much social repercussions, so I thought I'd do the next big thing on the list - sleeping. There does seem to be this wholesome, community spirit-like tradition at CMU where comparing your sleep hours is like some kind of ill-advised competition. Or at least it seemed so back in Freshman year. 

The idea of extrapolating my sleeping time in a ridiculous manner was also inspired by this xkcd comic, which I'd read a long time ago:

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