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Generating graphic graphics is much harder than I expected. First of all, I had trouble finding data that fit the specifications I needed after deciding on the cancer death rates data map (i.e. must include a data map, corresponding discrete data for each state, and be generally unrelated to cancer). 

After that finding the data, I had trouble getting it to correlate. I assumed because of the correspondence on several points that I'd just have to make a scatter plot and have a trendline visually guide the audience into seeing the correlation. When that didn't happen, I downloaded the Tableau software and began playing around with their graphics options. Even then I still had trouble formatting the data. 

I would say I did a fair job on this project. The data doesn't match up perfectly, but there's definitely some correlation that could convince someone not immediate put off by the variables that here might be something more to their relationship.

If I were to do this over again, I'd probably restrict myself less, and not make the two variables so easily dismissible about each other.

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