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This idea came to me while I was browsing the League of Legends subreddit. Often times it is a medium in which people will vent their frustrations about "imbalanced" aspects of the game, whether it's regarding the characters (champions), neutral monsters and objectives, how certain champion abilities/spells interact with each other, etc. The number of complaints greatly outweigh the number of praises, but this is just human nature. With a game such as "LoL", it is essentially impossible to perfectly balance all aspects of game-play. Even if it was, it would be a stale environment that would never change over time, and that wouldn't be any fun to play.

My intention with this project is to take on the role of a person who is negatively criticizing the way that Riot Games designs their game and the state of the current game balance. Whether or not it is true is entirely subjective seeing as there is an astronomical amount of unique games that one could play (to be specific, it would be something like (121 C 10) = 1.265x10^14 combinations, and that's not including the different roles a particular champion could play).

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