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What does your inner critic say about this work? What did you learn? What would you do differently? 

I thought the outcome was ok. It was really annoying that the music doesn't sync up perfectly and that I no longer have Sony Vegas to use to edit videos so I don't think the quality of my retelling isn't as great as I'd like it to be. I learned the basics of Audacity and I learned that if you ever need a retelling of something (especially a movie), it's probably on YouTube. But I think I retold the stories quite well. I tried to match up what the lyrics meant to me with the visuals from the movie. (For example, when Jon sings about a plane leaving soon, I showed Hazel bawling in bed to try to show that the plane Jon was singing about was the plane taking her away from this Earth, or her cancer. I tried matching up "Pray with me, Lay with me, Conversate with me" to visuals depicting those, and then I also opened with Hazel opening her eyes and closed with her closing her eyes to show she's gone in the end [coupled with her being rushed to the hospital and Gus standing with the worst look of sadness in his eyes], and then there were some other things).

I'd definitely try to learn Audacity some more before actually diving into this work and then I'd pay for the latest Sony Vegas in order to put this thing together.

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