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* so, uh, undertale spoilers.

Honestly I didn't really intend on doing anything profound or really thought-provoking - this week I thought I'd just have some fun with the project and just spontaneously decided to draw some (50+) frames for a music video. Since school life is really busy and I often don't have the time to enjoy my hobbies, anytime we get a free-topic assignment I grab the chance to work on subjects I'm interested in, even as I feel like engaging in personal shenanigans should really be kept to more private projects. This week's spontaneous idea is Undertale-related (because of course it is), using the characters Alphys and Mettaton (Happstablook?) and inserting them into "Popular" from the Wicked play. 

The relationship between Alphys and Mettaton seems to be one of the more tenuous ones in Undertale and we don't really get to seem them at their best with each other, but I imagine they got along well enough prior to the start of the game, and for various reasons it seemed like it would fit the song pretty well, so. I thought it might be fun to express some headcanons by retelling it with the Wicked soundtrack. It's not serious at all, so I don't actually have much to say on the retelling, except that I wanted to have fun with it. Always grab that chance when the assignment encourages it.

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