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When you draw 50+ images, there's going to be some that look alright and some that are pretty poor. I think this one has a relatively even mix of acceptable and unacceptable frames, considering the amount of time I had to do this this weekend, and the scope of the project.

The most obvious problem with the video is that I didn't actually plan it out very well - I just sketched thumbnail ideas while listening to the song on repeat. This means that sometimes you have more or less frames than you should for a particular sequence, and it really shows - At the start, more frames would have been better. And there are so many frames at the end you can barely keep up on your first play. It's tough, since I wanted every line to have its own accompanying picture, but the depth and complexity of the lyrics can really change on you. Or at least the content gets denser, but the visuals can't keep up at an equal pace. So, definitely plenty of room for improvement here.

The process was already pretty efficient, especially considering that I found out about the layers-to-jpeg script in photoshop, but if I had to change something I guess it'd be the planning stage. As explained above, that probably would have made the whole thing go smoother, and the video play better too. 

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