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An early version of my project included a clip from Finding Nemo. It was the scene in which Nemo is taken by the scuba diver and his dad chases after him, panicked. I decided to take this clip out because although I'm sure Nemo's father was heartbroken over his son being kidnapped, I wanted to focus instead on the pain of lost friendship, not on the pain of losing somebody because they were taken away. Similarly, I made a decision not to include scenes about the pain of death because portraying such an emotion could easily be its own project.

The hardest part of this project was finding clips that conveyed the meaning I was going for. I really wanted to show how friendships can fall apart, but I ended up including the Monster's Inc. clip that instead focuses on a goodbye scene. The meaning I was really going for is best shown in the Toy Story clip in which Emily abandons Jessie as she grows up. It's possible that the reason I had a hard time finding clips is because media traditionally focuses on romantic heartbreak instead.

At the end of the project I still had trouble finding material and so instead of using videos that didn't convey the meaning I was going for, I decided to cut the song short. In this way I could keep my meaning as close to my goal as possible.

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