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Overall, I'm happy with my outcome, because it makes me chuckle a little, which is what I was going for. The incorrect subtitles telling the story I want them to tell is also a touch that I like. It shows how easy it is to have subtitles that go with the video but are entirely different from what the original script. 

Although some parts may jump around, I actually like that kind of disorienting fast-paced video, so I don't mind. However, I can see that I could still improve some transitions to make it appeal to a broader audience. Other than that, if I had time I would have made a longer video to flesh out the plot more. It would be have been fun to make a episode-length video, but I'm not confident I would have been able to make it hold the viewer's attention. 

By doing this project I learned about how to use Premier more, and also how to put subtitles on a video. I've subtitled gifs before but not videos, so I'm glad that I know how to now. 

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