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Describe what informed your ideas and your outcome. How does your outcome relate to other work in the field? What are the precedent projects?

We took a lot of inspiration from board games and card games, such as Mafia, Resistance, and Clue. Because of the limited time constraints, we thought giving the audience roles would be too difficult, but we wanted them to still participate. 

In the game Mafia, the audience are given roles, while the actual "performer" has the role of "God," depending on the version, and leads the game more or less. The actual 

Our game blatantly incorporates Clue, the detective mystery game in which the players have to find out the murderer, weapon, and location. Because of the time constraints, however, we also help the audience figure it out, and our clues that point them to the right suspects.

The Wikia aspect of our performance was inspired by internet scavenger hunts where people have to navigate through websites and click hyperlinks to learn about a particular subject or reach a certain end goal.

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