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Describe how you arrived at the outcome. Show iterations and refinements. Document design decisions and challenges encountered.  

Originally we were going to do a Mafia-esque game where the audience members and project members would be randomly assigned roles of killer, victim, and civilian trying to catch the murderer.  This turned out to be quite complicated and unfeasible in 4 minutes, so that idea was scrapped.  We then thought about limiting the performance to a few audience volunteers who had to find clues to determine the killer -also too long for the time constraint. We also struggled to incorporate technology as a NECESSARY element, rather than a supplement that wasn't actually needed. 

Finally, after deliberation, we decided to incorporate a wiki as our main medium, where the audience could quickly and efficiently travel through to participate in the catching (or failure in catching) of a murderer.  A performance using shadows to hide obvious details would help provide clues while the audience searched through the wiki to gather information.  Part of the challenge of this project was making the clues and profiles obvious enough to be solved in 4 minutes while also being vague enough so that the audience wouldn't figure everything out in the first minute.  (insert more things after performance here, like wiki page nav things)

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