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Outline how the collaboration worked. What were the roles of each team member? What elements did each person contribute to the final performance?  

When it came to workload everyone worked together -there weren't any pre-defined roles. We decided on the plot and details together, with everyone giving input and ideas. We all worked to figure out what we would do, how we would do it, what roles and props we needed. It only really "split", as it were, when we actually made the wiki pages.  Lucy and Marie worked on making the profile pictures and Rachel helped link all of the pages together and Michelle made the profiles which everyone edited and improved for the performance.  Roles for the performance were split for the sake of efficiency.  Lucy manned the wiki since she is the most wiki-savvy, Michelle took the projector, and Rachel and Marie were our actresses.  It was a team effort and we mostly all worked on pretty much the same things. Rachel and Marie worked on the documentation, but really everyone added and edited things. We all had similar thoughts on the results after the actual performance, so we discussed and added ideas together.

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