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We feel as though if this performance was longer, we could have made a more complex and interesting rendition of our performance that involves more thought out riddles and more acting. Although we meant for the entire mystery-solving experience to be the performance and the acting out of the murder scene to be just a way to deliver a clue, some people seemed to be confused and thought that the acting out of the murder scene was the main part of the performance. This caused many people to sit and wait without looking through the Wikia before the scene started, which we didn't intend for. If we could do it over again, we would give better explanation of what the audience should have been doing (ie: look through the Wikia and keep an eye out for a performance, use the google doc to exchange clues and collaborate). This could be done verbally or through an email like we originally intended to. Additionally, we could have rented out some laptops for people to use because many people were on their phones which makes it harder to navigate the Wikia and add things to the google doc. However, the audience figured out the murderer correctly, which was what we hoped for, so we were successful on that front. We learned that although the way a performance is supposed to be perceived may be clear to the creator, it requires more explanation for it to be interpreted the same way by an audience.

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