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Christine: I wrote the input script (reading in the Wiimote input) and the game manager which controlled the entire game and decided what received which input. I also created the tree and building creators and actual trees and buildings. I caused the clouds to actually rain and put in the background music. 

Roger: I worked on creating the scripts which allowed the user to interact with the world with the wiimote. This included animating the clouds coming in and causing the screen to darken when you turn the controller. I also wrote scripts to cause the "rain" shapes to animate properly and designed the frameworks to allow for object selection and interaction. Lastly, I worked on the components that gave our objects sound effects, and made fine tuning adjustments for the final product.

Yijing: The environmental sprites in the game--the sun, trees, and buildings, were composed in Adobe Photoshop. I additionally used Unity to compile Brandon's animations. A primary challenge I had with this project was amassing a large number of art assets in what was comparatively a small amount of time--especially when I also had to work outside my comfort zone in terms of art style. I used a blend of real media and scratched work to create sprites that were detailed yet stylized, and that seems to work well with the overall concept of the piece well.

Brandon: I borrowed a Wacom Intuos drawing tablet to use in conjunction with Photoshop. I traced frames from a Mario spritesheet to make the character sprite. I then hand drew animations for the two states of the shapes: living and dead. I intended the living animation to give the impression of a heart beating or breathing. Other the other hand, I wanted to have the 'death' animation to give the impression of accelerated decay.

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