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When we playtested the piece, we found that while initially impressive, the ability to change the world to our liking was a shallow experience. After the initial experience of seeing trees and buildings come into existence, we see that that's all we can do before everything decays again. Trying to keep the world interesting becomes less enjoyable and more of a chore--and this was exactly what we had intended.

If we had the chance to redevelop this project, we would have implemented more dynamic scenery for the player to interact with. For example, our light system is pretty one-dimensional, and we would liked to add better lighting to give our world depth. We also could have created custom music that suited our needs rather than take pieces from other works. Also, the Wiimote sucks, so if we could have used something else (like the Kinect), then we would have used that instead. However, the Wiimote was something that Christine already knew how to use, so it suited our time constraint.

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