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Our project directly connects to music, Cloud was playing the cello, it connects to drama, Jonathan was acting and we had the video of the disasters where the disasters were clips of movies. That's why, our project was related to many fields. If we look at the music side, Cloud played Bach Cello Suite No 1. ( This relates directly to the classical music culture in our lives. We had acting going on stage. It relates to theatre, which has been part of human life for many years. Also, since we didn’t have dialogue, this acting is also in the category of pantomime. Lastly, we had video. It relates to movies since our video was created by taking out clips from other movies. If looked at part by part at the distinct features of the performance, it is very easy to find precedent projects. For the combination, an example could be Nary’s Journey ( which combines the theatre and the movie and Merce Cunningham Dance Company at BAM: BIPED ( which combines dance and movie. We wanted our project to have all three, so we combined them while writing our own story.

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