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We started on the basis that we wanted to use social media and instant messaging to be able to be "unspoken with words". In this way, we wanted to avoid either of them saying anything out loud for the entire performance. A great deal of what informed the process was our daily college lives, as this scenario is a typical one for many college students, either on the side of the home-body or on the side of the party-type. Many other works in the field try to grasp the intricacies of social media and how that has altered our daily practices and interactions. 

Many other works have focused on texting and communication. There was even a similar work presented after ours involving texting. A few are shown below. 

The first one is similar to ours in that it highlights that people often are not in the environment that they are in when they have the outlet of texting to take them out of that environment.

 The second one shows how we can draft our texts and alter them to portray ourselves differently. The girl is clearly very eager to reply to her crush, but "plays it cool" by constructing the perfect text. 

The third one is simply another instance of using texting as a medium. This artist chose to portray what a dog would say if the dog could text.

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