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Reflect on the process of making this project. What did you learn? What would you do differently? What does your inner critic say about this work?

Jessica: I'm satisfied with our outcome. I learned more about how to use Premiere to edit sound during the process. I had some struggle with deciding the timing of the music because sometimes both of them are typing and I was not so sure which music should dominate. But I think the sound came out fine. For the last part of the performance, we first plan to let the girl at the party go home and going to sleep while still pretending tho be at the party. Eventually we just showed she left the party. So I think it might be a bit confusing for the audience why the party music suddenly disappeared. Overall I think we've done a good job. This interplay is interesting and presented our intention well. 

Emilio: I'd say I'm satisfied with our outcome. What I mostly learned working on this project was the importance of matching when editing various forms of media. Getting the videos and the sound to match up along with playing them all at the exact time to having everything match correctly was a challenge. When practicing the performance, it was difficult to match my physical movements with what was supposed to be going on in the videos. If I was doing this again, I would probably look for a better way to make sure my movements match up with the videos being projected.

Melissa: I enjoyed this project, especially in recording the laptop scrolling and text conversation videos. Synching the videos on Premiere was also interesting because it helped me to learn tools in Premiere. While we did practice the performance beforehand, I felt that my timing was a bit off during the performance.

Sophia: Overall, I liked our project. It was another great experience to mix ideas together as well as sound and visual. I think we had a great concept, as lying without facial expressions or “tells” is a very interesting aspect of our lives today. My opinion is similar to Jessica’s because I also mixed the audio together, and found it hard to find the right spots to switch the focus from the party to the person at home by making one of the atmosphere’s songs louder than the other. I liked that we had two different “rooms” to look at, at the same time. I think it created a very engaging piece, which I think is the part of the purpose of performing art. It was also a great new experience to rehearse the piece, as we had to work on timing it and figuring out the right environment for it. And lastly, this was the most technologically involved project I’ve done, so it was a great experience to know what it’s like to prepare the technology beforehand and on the spot for the timing of a live performance.

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