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The intention of this project is to deliver an understanding of how would people react to a doomed death. So the scene I came up with is the disaster background where normal people (who's not as lucky as the people who get rescued in the movie) are in and it won't be long before they figure out they will be dead sooner or later, for they can't fight against the end of world. According to my knowledge in psychology, people could have several psychological states when facing death. So in our performance, I designed two different reaction: the cellist who face the disaster naturally, accepting his doomed fate peacefully and playing his last piece with great focus; the second performer, who's a normal person, go through a lot of psychology state including shock, denial, panic, praying, completely freaking out and finally, acceptance. This design has several visual contradictions: if we divide the performance into two half, front and back, we have complete chaos in the back while order in the front (classical music and human behavior, although a little bit of craziness). And if we divide the front stage into another two half, left and right, we have a peaceful cellist on the left and a crazy performer on the right.

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