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Poème Mécanique is a "sound sculpture" that surrounds its audience and produces a composition of sound using flip-dot mirrors disks. The was created by Tobias Ebsen and is currently in Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme, Montreal. His intention was to " create a moment of intimacy and contemplation in a vibrant, noisy public space". What I like about this piece is the completely unorthodox setting for a sound piece; normally, sound compositions are normally meant to be heard in an environment that allows the audience to clearly hear it. This piece defies this guideline and intentionally exists within a noisy environment, challenging its audience to focus on the piece above the surrounding noise. I do think that the work's audacity is something of a hindrance, however, as I had trouble hearing the composition through the surrounding bustle (this could just be a feature of the video, however). I think it could better incorporate the environmental noise as opposed to fighting against it. In my project, I would like to try a similar premise where I challenge the audience to focus a specific media that would be normally overlooked, though I would like to incorporate the surroundings better.

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