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Light Kinetics was made by Madrid based creative studio Espadaysantacruz. The piece is an interactive light machine controlled by a physics simulator, where light mimics the behavior of matter. What I like about the piece is that it attributes qualities to light that make it more malleable by human hands; people can't touch light, but in this piece it seems like light can be moved like an inanimate object. It conveys a sense of wonder and power onto the interactor. That said, I do feel like the piece is somewhat limited, as after several minutes of playing with this piece I can imagine it'd get old quick. I feel like the work would be stronger if the interactions wasn't limited to rocking the light back and forth or flicking it forward. What Light Kinetics does that I want to incorporate into my final project is give the audience a sense of ability, that my piece confers into them a power that makes their environment seem more malleable.

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