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Although this was more focused on the visual aspect, the lo-fi sounds in the background blend in really well with the changing visuals to create a well-balanced installation. 

I liked the idea Theophane and Kronenberg had of bringing music to the viewer. Although it wasn't 100% accessible, it was a creative way of allowing people who wanted to modify the music to modify it. I probably also want to do something more creative with sound this time. I like beat kills (where the sounds and visuals sync up perfectly - when they happen, it's a great feeling), and I might want to somehow incorporate that into my project. If I were to make a game, I could do something with sound after a person has made a move so that there is no lag between the action and the sound. There's a lot of possibilities that I'm excited to explore. I could also explore lo-fi music, although with my lack of knowledge in this field, it would be more difficult.

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