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"In Order to Control" is an art installment by Nota Bene. In it, participants can walk over text projected on the floor, while a Kinect tracks their movements to project their silhouettes on the wall behind them. This sort of installment provides many opportunities for both the artist and viewer to express their own ideas, through the text projected and body movements, respectively. What also stood out to me was the contrast of the work to what we normally think of as silhouettes. Normally, shadows so closely linked to the subjects actions are composed of the absence of light. In this case, however, the "shadow" is the light itself, surrounded by a darkened room. 

One improvement I would make, however, is I would somehow more closely link the actual shadow on the ground with the silhouette projected on the wall. This would more closely link the two outlines, making it seem as if the text was simply cut from the floor and pasted on the wall. What would be most applicable to our own projects is the interactivity. By using the Kinect, it is possible to accurately capture an observer's motions, allowing them to be more immersed in the experience.

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