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Chevalier's work offers a new take on traditional Islamic carpets and tile art through the use of bright, reactive light panels. As a viewer walks across the hallway, the floor panels respond to their movement.

Equal parts psychedelic and glitch art-esque, the work invites people to move and play with the patterns on the floor. The patterns are flowing at some times and pixely at others, and the changes in color are subtle enough to avoid disorienting the viewers, though arguably they are so subtle that at times it's difficult to discern whether the changes are due to the motion of viewers or simply random noise. 

This work was installed in a church no longer used for religious purposes - in this light, it takes on a new meaning as a repurposment of not only Islamic carpets and tile, but also the entire space it exists in. A creative fusion of new and old makes this work particularly notable to me. 

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