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The following is the full text used for the installation:

  Man, in every era, is both the victim and the killer. How ironic…The dynamics are changing… The dynamics have changed…The most evil of this era have been chosen: Violence, virtuality, singularity. But for what purpose? The purpose is control, the purpose is control, the purpose is control. The criminal tool is violence, the criminal tool is virtuality, the criminal tool is singularity.Control triggers everything, control triggers anything. But who pulls the trigger?
As we’ve just said, man is both the victim and the killer. He pulls the trigger every time he admits control. How ironic…
This inflicts lots of pain. This inflicts lots of pain.How ironic… Violence is committed in order to control. Man is left alone in order to be controlled.They do anything they can so that you don’t think, so that you don’t question, so that you don’t get organized. So that you don’t unite.
What is it to be free? Are you free at all? Is it ‘being free’ to walk on the streets? Is the notion of ‘being free’ to be found in your walking on the streets? Are you free when you walk on the streets? Is it really necessary to find out the opposite of everything? To find comfort in your mind by crosschecking everything? But what about blurry logic?
Does the possibility of being imprisoned makes you free when you walk on the streets? Those in the prison are captive, those outside are free – is that it? That’s all about black and white – but what about the grey zone?

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