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  Is everyone, who isn’t condemned, good? For instance, are you a good person ‘just’ because you haven’t opposed the law?
To do nothing is sometimes the worst thing you can do. Whenever you know but don’t act upon, you are committing crime as well. Are you really the one to distinguish the moral from the immoral? Sign some papers to make others believe that you love someone, pay your taxes to legitimize the diamond you bought.Anything sold in the market is legal. They are legal, aren’t they? Have you used your deodorant spray today? Well then, who caused that ozone hole? You don’t need to shoot an arrow to drill the ozone layer. The missile you launch into the space won’t punch a hole either.
Isn’t it pretty ironic? You are indeed free as long as you obey the law, as long as you sleep. Do you think you are a moral person? If your actions are moral, do you have any definition on the threshold of morality? There exist only some options presented to you. You do not exist. You may join the army, for instance, or attend a social responsibility project. Would your choice to attend the social responsibility project in order not to join the army make your stature a more moral one? We are not looking for what is more moral? We are after what is essential moral? Control gives birth to violence, to virtuality, to singularity. Violence isn’t just about hitting someone; think about your country, your government. Violence isn’t just about hitting someone; think about your country, your government. The threshold model is just another control mechanism, that system is just another source for violence. Multi-party system, they call it, is there really a multi-party system? How many political parties are there to take the lead? Mostly, you vote for the majority just to stand against the party you dislike. Just to stand up strongly against the one you fear the most. Do you have any idea what that means? You accept the opposite group, you try to belong to a group yourself – do you know what that means? You become a soldier just to be a part of the majority. Do you think it really is necessary to join the army to become a soldier? You are becoming a soldier. You are becoming a soldier. Do you know what that means? Yes, you actually do, but you still settle for it. You become an associate. How ironic… How ironic… Is it ‘being free’ to walk on the streets? Is it really necessary to find out the opposite of everything? To find comfort in your mind by crosschecking everything? But what about blurry logic?
Does the possibility of being imprisoned makes you free when you walk on the streets? This is not a problem about the minorities; actually, this is a problem of majorities. Majority ventures to lose the detail; majority always forgets that the devil is hidden in that detail. It forgets how beautiful detail is. Or else, are you ignoring it? How ironic… How ironic…

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