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We chose to emulate handball since this game is universal across cultures, its power being in its simplicity. Requiring only a wall and a ball, this game can easily be played. However, we chose to simplify it even more by ridding the need of a physical ball. Instead, users can engage with the game using only their bodies, or the controllers. 

Overall, the intent of this project was to draw from our myriad experiences to create a space where viewers can interact in unexpected ways. While the product itself uses controllers, the intent of this project is to project the game on a large wall in a public space. By installing this game in such a space, passersby can play the game by moving a projected ball around with their bodies using motion tracking software, getting rid of the need to 

In creating an installation in a familiar place, we hope to create a media installation where viewers have the opportunity to play and have fun in a space that clearly denotes it should be used for otherwise. We made a very intentional decision to create an installation that can be put anywhere to hit a wider audience and to "break a rule." In doing so, this project ultimately invites play by encouraging people to break from their routines and re-engage with their surroundings.

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