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As soon as our idea started becoming concrete, the two aspects necessary for our media installation became clear: art and technology. Although obvious now, how we were going to tackle this required some serious brainstorming. The more we discussed it, the more we settled into our respective roles based on our strengths and experiences. Katherine and Jan divided up the programming and tech aspect of the game, while Melissa created the large majority of the designs and images used throughout. Constant communication was important to avoid conflicts with other engagements, and to form an action plan when technical constraints stopped us from realising our full potential.

The toughest part, however, was the actual presentation. Due to this week being finals week, it was an extremely busy time for all of us. For example, Katherine was able to program the bulk of the controls beforehand, however she would not be able to show up to the installation because of an exam. Luckily, Melissa pulled through and was able to stay to present throughout and show off our masterpiece, with Jan helping set things up.

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