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Curatorial Statement

Follow Your Harp

Janine Louie, Emilio Rodriguez, Sienna Stritter, Sophia Wilhelmi

This exhibition is based on the idea that childlike play often doesn’t come with instructions and even more often those instructions thrown aside. This work forces the perspective of a child who just wants to play and explore and doesn’t need to play by the rules. Using the arrow keys, anyone old or young will be forced into the heart of the game with only sound as a guide. There are hints along the way as well as aspects of the game that are not hinted to or revealed. This work also plays on the idea that for children all part of their day is play. The color scheme of our work implies morning, noon, evening and night to capture this idea. The work is minimalist in nature to make a lot of a little, like how children are able to use their imagination to create new worlds and stories from whatever is at their disposal.

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